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USHINE Ceramic Spray

USHINE Ceramic Spray


UShine Ceramic Detail Spray is bringing top of line Shine and protection to the exterior of your vehicle. The versatility of this product is unmatched. Use as a one step spray gloss/sealant and protectant, a ceramic coating booster, or even as a prep for ceramic coating-either option you are guaranteed ultimate gloss and slickness along with hydrophobic protection.


    Surfaces to apply to: Exterior of vehicle, glass, plastic trim, chrome, and rims. This is guarantee hydrophobic protection and of course USHINE!

    ***This product is not intended to restore Oxidized surfaces

    ***Be sure to apply on a clean and/or wet surface with a CLEAN and dry microfiber towel. If towel gets too wet, replace it.

    ***Product is recommended after every 3 washes, 2-3 sprays per panel is needed however it is at your discretion . 


    No Refunds or Returns


    UShine will be delivered to you in a customized shipping box that includes a top quality Microfiber towel, sealed and protected bottle with the fine mist sprayer included, you will also recieve a 3 step instruction manual which is guaranteed to set you up for sucess! 

    Shipping will be a $5 flat rate.

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